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Movilla High School
Use Of School Diary - 2011/12
The school diary is an important resource for pupils, parents and teachers. It is primarily a communication tool for each, and helps pupils learn life skills in relation to time management, recording, taking responsibility, and being accountable.

The following is a breakdown of how the diary is used in Movilla High School:

 Personal information, which ensures that lost diaries are returned, and that correct information for contacting parents is available and accurate. 
 Calendar of important events which are recorded here and on the actual date. 
 School rules, which ensure that pupils are safe and can learn effectively and enjoyably.  Awareness that to break these rules will result in sanctions being applied. 
 Code of conduct which summaries the rules
Code of behaviour – signed by parents and pupils to signify understanding of the pupil’s responsibility in school
School day and what to do in an emergency
Personal timetable which will be copied in on the first day at school
Homework schedule copied in during the first week at school by each subjectTeachers’ names and rooms, which is copied in when the personal timetable is done.
School Uniform
Presentation of work by pupils and school wide presentation code
Homework guidelines and key to teacher corrections
Details regarding equipment, lost property and personal valuables
Rewards for pupils achieved through a variety of ways
Sanctions for poor behaviour
Absence notes:  should be completed by parent at each absence with accompanying note – countersigned by class teacher when note provided.
Attendance record – details provided by teacher on a monthly basis, weekly basis on within diary section
Personal qualities – completed in registration period
Achievement log – completed in registration period
Action planning – completed in registration period
Primarily for year 10 – 12, completed in class time
Reading skills – completed in registration period
Time management – completed in registration period
Coursework – primarily for years 11 – 12
Exam words – completed in registration period
Revision techniques – completed in registration period
Useful websites – for pupil use

  • Homework written in for day to be handed in
  • Communication with home/by home done in comment block. This can include the range noted above the block
  • Weekly signature of parent and teacher
  • Attendance noted weekly in first block



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